Gas Pipeline Installation for restaurants, hotels, catering and also other food industries is very important because most restaurant equipment today uses gas as fuel. The advantage of gas is that it is faster in the process Cooking, clean and practical and easy to get on the market. In order for the advantages of this gas to run optimally, of course, a good gas installation is needed and is also supported by a qualified security system to prevent fires because of the nature of the gas itself which is flammable. Gas installations for restaurants and other commercial kitchens such as food courts, resorts, hotels, guest houses etc.

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Gas pipeline installation services for restaurant kitchens, catering, hospitals, small industries, hotels and others

Pipa Gas Central

Central gas installation is needed in commercial kitchens such as restaurants because large gas consumption every day must require more than one gas cylinder.

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 Therefore, the gas cylinder should be separated from the kitchen area, in addition to making the room narrow, it is also riskier to be a fire hazard if the gas cylinder is placed close to the source of fire, namely the stove.

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Technical work on pip gas installation, and on the pipe connection using welding techniques, except for equipment splicing parts such as ballvalves or regulators using Epoxi Glue techniques, after the installation is complete, pressure tests are carried out using nitrogen gas of 10 kg / cm for 1×24 hours to ensure there are no leaks in the installation that has been done

Kitchen Equipment

Produk yang menggunakan system– Kwalie Range, Kwalie Range Blower, Gas Range, Gas Range Oven, Bain Marie, Proffer, Stock Pot, Fryer,


Sasfety Gas Pipeline Installation, Control Panel &; Alarm Gas Detector The control panel is assembled with selenoids in the gas center and gas alarm detector located at the points of outlet of the flow gas (stoves & other restaurant equipment that uses gas). This panel functions to cut off electricity to the selenoid in the event of a leak.

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