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Access Solutions WMS offers a unique solution for various cooking processes inside professional kitchen. With WMS, there’s always a solution for all professional cooking requirements. We develop and manufacture thermal cooking equipment, stainless steel furniture, exhaust system, food distribution, refrigeration system, and washing system ensuring that every customer has the tremendous advantage of single contact for inquiry and technical service. Our customer will always be our customer as we believe that our work is not done until the end of the kitchen lifetime, whenever, wherever…

Stainless Steel Custom

PT. Wita Mandiri Sejahtera is one of the most populair in Jakarta, from the many requests to perform installation and maintenance in the mechanical and electrical fields. Armed with the trust of customers, we are committed to continue to meet your needs ranging from Supply Equipment, System Installation, Mechanical Electrical, Design Facilities and various other needs.We Produce Stainless Custom,too
From Design till Build for your Resturant

Bakery and Pastry Equipment

Bakery and pastry equipment is essential for any baker or pastry chef. From ovens and mixers to baking pans and decorating tools, these tools help bakers create delicious and visually appealing treats.

Baking pans are also important for bakers and pastry chefs. Baking pans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so bakers can create a wide variety of treats. Some popular baking pans include cake pans, cookie sheets, muffin tins, and bread pans

Ovens are one of the most important pieces of bakery and pastry equipment. Ovens come in a variety of sizes and types, so bakers can choose the best one for their needs. Some popular ovens for bakeries and pastry shops include convection ovens, deck ovens, and combination ovens.

Decorating tools are also essential for bakers and pastry chefs. Decorating tools help bakers create beautiful and delicious treats. Some popular decorating tools include piping bags, pastry tips, and decorating brushes.


the heart of mouth-watering cold dishes.

A practical solution for a more efficient kitchen.
To make everyone entering the establishment feel at home and find their atmosphere.

the key to hygienic and safe cold dishes.

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Cold kitchen equipment is essential for any restaurant that wants to offer a wide variety of fresh and delicious cold dishes. From refrigerators and freezers to sandwich tables and salad bars, cold kitchen equipment helps to keep food safe and at the proper temperature while also providing a convenient workspace for chefs to prepare and assemble cold dishes.


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Another important consideration when choosing cold kitchen equipment is sustainability. Many cold kitchen equipment manufacturers now offer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options that can help restaurants to reduce their carbon footprint.


Hot cooking equipment is essential for any kitchen, whether it is a home kitchen or a professional restaurant kitchen. This equipment allows cooks to prepare a wide variety of dishes, from simple meals to elaborate culinary masterpieces.
In addition to these common types of hot cooking equipment, there are a variety of other specialized hot cooking equipment available, such as pizza ovens, steamers, and rotisseries.


KAEN adalah bahan bakar padat yang diproduksi langsung dari Jepang. Digunakan sebagai alat pembakaran untuk kegiatan memasak seperti menghangatkan, mendidihkan serta memanggang saat menyajikan makanan dalam hotpot, chafing dish maupun peralatan cepat saji lainnya kepada pelanggan. KAEN memiliki 70% lebih pangsa pasar di Jepang, dan juga sudah banyak digunakan di restoran maupun hotel-hotel di Korea, China dan Taiwan.



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